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Infertility & Chiropractic

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How chiropractic adjustments are helping women to fall pregnant Falling pregnant is not as easy as our mothers warned it would be. Millions of couples around the globe have great difficulty conceiving. Infertility has now become a major health issue, affecting one in every five couples in the US, o

Central Coast Birth Choices

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There are many options for child birth on the Central Coast, below is a brief description of each of them. Independent Private Midwifery Care The concept of having your own midwife is to provide a woman with total continuity of care. The midwife does all of your pregnancy visits, is ‘on call&#

How to aim for a natural pregnancy and birth

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In an ideal world women would prepare their bodies for pregnancy. We don’t live in an ideal world but once women are aware that they are pregnant it is important to take control. Birth Choices- How to choose the right pregnancy service for you! If you are healthy with no underlying medical problem

Epidurals- Risks and concerns for mothers and babies

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Epidurals have become a very common intervention in labor, and are almost accepted as a normal part of labor care. However many women, and even their carers, are unaware of the significant risks and side-effects for mothers and babies, and of the possible impact of this form of pain relief on breas