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Little Kickers

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He shoots, he scores: why one day we could win the World Cup….

Picture the scene – the young player steps up to the penalty spot, he glances confidently at  the goal, he runs, he shoots, he scores…. then he rushes over to mum or dad for a quick high five before sitting down behind the other toddlers in his soccer class , ready to wait for his next turn at the penalty shoot-out.

This winter, the world’s greatest soccer players are competing in the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  And Australia will hold its breath as our team battles the odds to progress in the competition.

But maybe this will change, as a new generation of Socceroos emerge.  At Little Kickers you are never too young for the beautiful game.  In fact, the children attending Little Kickers football classes make Tim Cahill look over the hill.

Over 12,000 children attend Little Kickers classes, which are aimed at 18 month to 7 year olds.

Wherever the location, classes follow a similar format, and were developed by highly qualified coaches, with input from child-health specialists.   A warm up and ball skills games lead to the main event, excitement peaks as the penalty shoot-out begins.
Our mission at Little Kickers is not only to focus on the physical well being of the child, but also to promote the development of social skills such as turn taking, following instructions and sharing. These skills for life are put into practise at a time when the playing field is certainly ripe for parents wanting to get their kids moving. Our team at Little Kickers has adopted a “Play not Push” commitment at our classes which means that children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.  Each class is run by two coaches and whilst parents can participate if they feel that their child’s enjoyment will be enhanced by their involvement, one of the overall objectives of the sessions is to encourage kids to learn to play independently of their parents, so the parents get a well deserved break on the sidelines.
Many professional players, having missed a vital penalty, may have wished to ‘move the goalposts’, and at Little Kickers this is not just a metaphor. The aim is to improve a child’s confidence and self-esteem, with the priority that he or she actually scores. If the shot is in danger of drifting wide – and bear in mind that the younger children are still getting to grips with running, never mind kicking – coaches nudge the goal along the ground. Cue a deafening round of applause.  If only we could introduce this at professional level!

So, on the 12th July, when the World Cup is over, and new champions have been crowned, thoughts will move towards the future, and it may be only a pipe dream, but if our ‘Little Kickers’ can help Australia to win a major championship – or at the very least come out on top after a penalty shoot-out – then maybe we should all dream ….

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