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Losing the pregnancy pounds

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As a personal trainer I get asked the same questions over and over. How do I get my body back after having a baby?
There are two components to this answer, one is weight loss and the other is shaping and tonning.  The most effective and successful weight loss plan is the one you stick too. It’s not rocket science, all you have to remember is; to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. Concentrate on your diet and be mindful of what foods you’re putting in your body. Ultimately weight loss results will be determined by what you put in your mouth, but looking toned and feeling healthy and strong will come from doing the right kinds of resistant exercises.

It often astounds me to hear about how Hollywood celebrities lose excessive amounts of weight in such short periods of time after pregnancy. The difference here is that they often have many people around them to help look after the new baby, organize their meals and allow them to dedicate hours to getting back in shape. For us regular people who have to deal with families, jobs or the responsibilities of being a stay at home mum, getting back in shape may not be this easy.

According to the Australian College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) healthy weight loss is only 1/2 – 1kg a week.  But unfortunately everyone is always looking for a quick fix, and we’ve all been told over and over how easy it is just to take a pill, follow that diet or buy this piece of equipment and the weight will fall off in no time at all. Truth is quick weight loss is very unhealthy and there are two simple reasons why; firstly you lose muscle in the weight loss, which isn’t a great thing as you need that muscle to burn those calories you consume as well as staying healthy and strong. Secondly it slows down your metabolism, which results in you putting the weight back on plus more when you stop dieting.

A good guide to getting your body back to it’s pre pregnancy shape including muscle tone, is to remember that its it took 9 months of your body changing, so allow yourself at least 9 months to get back into shape.

One great way to help you get back into shape is to hire a personal trainer. This is a great way to gain all the tools and knowledge you will need in order to get fit and healthy and achieve your goals.  Many will come to you at a time and place that’s convenient, which is very handy when you have a baby in your life. I currently train a number of mothers while their children play around us and others while their children sleep. With a good personal trainer you do not need much room to do a fantastic workout and being accountable to someone else is a great motivator in keeping you on track.

If you haven’t had the baby yet you might want to keep in mind there are so many advantages to being fit and healthy during pregnancy. It can reduce the likelihood of complications during labor and actually make labor shorter. One of the biggest benefits is that it makes losing weight after you have the baby so much easier. So while the thought of taking yourself to the gym throughout your pregnancy might not have you jumping for joy, you’ll be happy that you did once you start trying to loss those pregnancy pounds!

For future information on weight loss after pregnancy please contact Kelly at Komodo Fitness here on the Central Coast.

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