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30 Things My Dad Taught Me

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Book review of “30 Things My Dad Taught Me” by Carlie Harris

“Denis, Ian and Paul Baker are three brothers, and when their dad was dying, Denis came up with the idea of putting together what each of the brothers had learnt from him – and the result is a truly moving book.

When I read it I had a little cry, not because it’s sad but because it is so joyful that it transports me to that place we all remember: sitting with our dad and hearing him talk about life, its highs and lows, and how we as their children can avoid the trapdoors life presents.

This little book is like one amazingly large greeting card. There are beautiful words on every page, some that will make you laugh, some that will make you cry, and it also has pages where you can write special things about your own dad. It’s not mushy or sentimental just warm and insightful. It’s the simplicity that makes this book work.

When you read some of 30 Things My Dad Taught Me you will feel that rush, that warmth, that connectedness to what is real and what is really important. When I first read it I took my time; it’s not a big book, but it’s a reflective one. I thought of my dad, how as a younger man he used to dance on the kitchen table but made sure at the same time that we all ate our eggs. I thought of my dad saying not to go out with that mini-skirt on as it will make boys go crazy. I thought of my dad as I held my little baby boy and we both cried. I thought of my dad as I now watch him as an older man creak beside the vege patch with such a light in his eye that he still looks like that young man who danced on the table. Such a blessing!”

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  1. Scott McDonald says:

    This sounds like a wonderful read.
    Can i purchase it from any book store

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