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Seeking Participants for a University Research Study

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Here’s looking at you, kid: Dr Linda Campbell, Associate Professor Carmel Loughland, PhD Candidate Christy Jones. Researchers from the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Medical Research Institute are seeking participants for a study investigating how parents interpret the facial expressions d

The flu season is here

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So it’s getting colder, winter has truly hit and those nasty cold and flu germs seem to circle around the community and the big questions is, will you be the next one to catch it? My little boy is only 8months old and I worry a lot about what would happen if he gets sick, but in saying that,

Mens Health Week – Scott Carroll

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Men – Time for a software upgrade! I don’t think many of us men are still using Windows 98, or if you’re an Apple user the earliest version of Mac OS, but in the amazing device we call our mind, we can and do run software much older than this. There might be programs downloaded from our paren

Coast Kids new blogger

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Coast Kids is very excited to have a new blogger on the block. Maree Trent is a mother and resident of the Central Coast and will be sharing her thoughts and opinions on raising children and anything that takes her fancy. We look forward to reading her blogs as we except them to create great discuss