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The flu season is here

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So it’s getting colder, winter has truly hit and those nasty cold and flu germs seem to circle around the community and the big questions is, will you be the next one to catch it?

My little boy is only 8months old and I worry a lot about what would happen if he gets sick, but in saying that, he’s constantly on the floor, picking up everything and putting it straight in the mouth. If he was going to get something, he would’ve well and truly had it by now. The amount of germs that must pass through his mouth…. I don’t even want to begin to think about that.
I think it’s really important for children to build their immunity to their world around them, so I try and not cover him in cotton wool, in the hope that I’m doing him a favour in the long run.
It is true that some kids are just sick kids or is it completely environmental? Is it something they are consuming or not consuming, and by rectifying it, could it help prevent them from getting sick?

We have not been sick in our household for years, and we don’t get the flu shot, we just eat extremely healthy, take our vitamins, drink plenty of water and exercise, does this mean we are just lucky, or have we created a healthy environment for our little boy to grow up in?
DS doesn’t yet take any vitamins as he’s still being breastfeed so he gets everything he needs from me. You know everyday I learn something new about our bodies, Every aspect of Breastfeeding is just amazing. When my little boy feeds and has any sign of sick symptoms, my body produces antibodies in my milk to help him get through whatever his body needs to fight.

Almost every second week a child from our mothers group is sick, I hate seeing sick children, and I wish there was a quick fix for them. But unfortunately we can’t always stop our children from getting sick but we can do everything in our power to help prevent it and that maybe different for everyone. Who knows whether that’s the solution for having a healthy child, I certainly don’t. You can only do what you feel is right!

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