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Lets Celebrate August for it’s World Breastfeeding Month!

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The month of August is World Breastfeeding month & what a fantastic way to celebrate one of the most wonderful things created. Right now while I sit here writing this blog, my 11month old DS is breastfeeding and it just feels amazing! Breastfeeding is the only time my DS sits still for longer than a minute and the best part is, that it’s just the two of us and I enjoy every moment of it.

Yes breastfeeding does come with a few challenges especially in the early days, as we had a rough start like many others I’m sure, but I wouldn’t change at thing. We had all sorts of first timer breastfeeding problems, like wrong attachment, milk supply and basically the sheer task of learning how to breastfeed for the first time, that was a challenge in itself. But I had such a great support unit, my husband, my sister and my close friends who helped get me through all those times I thought about throwing in the towel. For me the benefits of breastfeeding out weighed the struggle I experienced in the early days. But when you’re a new mum and sleep deprived, and it’s hard going for awhile, it’s hard to believe that this will past, that breastfeeding is only for such a short time and it’s gone in a nanosecond.

I never really appreciated breastfeeding until I became a mother. In fact I didn’t even really think about breastfeeding or the impact it would have on my life prior to having children. But having gone through it and learning about all the benefits it offers to both child and mother, breastfeeding is such a high priority to me now and I plan to breastfeed longer than the recommended 2 years the world health organization suggests. I do find it very surprising and sad that now at 11 months, I’m a statistic of 30% of breastfeeding mothers left and that’s just within our mothers group.

I personally place a high value of importance on good nutrition and we are very lucky in this country to have an artificial option available that’s really good quality and safe to the best of our knowledge. But to me, to be able to make something that’s natural, cost effective and 100% perfect nutrition for my baby and where he’s at right now that also changes as he grows, my priority lies here and being successful at breastfeeding means the world to me.

Whilst I do understand that some women can’t breastfeed, In most cases there is no medical reason why they can’t breastfeed, it’s a social reason or as a last resort or maybe they didn’t want to breastfeed in the first place. At the end of the day it is a personal decision for what fits best with their family values.
But what if we were educated about breastfeeding at a young age, would our breastfeeding stastics increase and would there be more mothers breastfeeding well past their babies 1st birthday?

I think the reason a lot of mothers give up, is mainly because of the lack of education and support. Those who’ve had doubt put in their minds, often tend to then doubt themselves and their ability to provide for their baby. Doubt for a new mother in all aspects, is he getting enough, do I have enough milk, is he thriving etc….is so powerful and influential on a breastfeeding outcome.

Why is it that a lot of times mothers get guilty when they haven’t established breastfeeding and they’re decided move onto formula, they get very defensive of their decision to let it go. I question why they get so defensive about it, if they truly believe that it was the right thing to do for them and their baby.
I believe breastfeeding should be supported in our society in a guilt free way, as a really important thing to do for your child. I think if you really want to be successful at breastfeeding, surround yourself with people before your baby comes who understand breastfeeding and how it really works. The Australian Breastfeeding Association was a fantastic resource to me, and there were many times I spoke with a breastfeeding counsellor about questions I had.

Are there other ways to support these women, so they don’t feel like they’re being pushed into a corner where they have no way out other than a bottle of formula? And even if that’s what they’re done the first time round, we need to support them so that next time, with their second child, maybe they could pursue breastfeeding again. It is truly one of the most amazing accomplishments in my life and I’m so thankful for the support I received, for without it, maybe my personal outcome may have been different.

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3 Comments on “Lets Celebrate August for it’s World Breastfeeding Month!”

  1. Love this groovy, cute, breastfeeding RAP!!

  2. Jo Tiernan says:

    Its a great time of the year and many mothers enjoyed a better understanding of the event and what it can do for them – –

  3. Chucchi says:

    i think people are msiisng the point, this is not just for this country but for ALL countries, including the ones where they do not havew access to sterilising equipment and clean water and so in this case formula DOES kill babies!I think the fact that it has been compared to cigarette style warnings’ is stupid as you cannot compare the two things, I htink think it has added to the anger.I tried to breastfeed my son, I gave up at 8 weeks, I feel guilty about it, I very much doubt I would have felt more guilty if a message on a formula tub told me what I already know, breastfeeding IS much better, and some people do not realise how much better it is.Formula is pushed so heavily on vunerable women/families in 3rd world countries which do not have the same laws as us, they are given it for free, they wait untill their milk dries up then charge a HUGE percentage of their income (sometimes half of what they earn or more) because they know they have no choice, it is made with milk this is not clean, they are not given any warning or told how to properly make up a feed, also these people are so poor that they water the formula down so much the babies are very malnourished, or they cannot afford it at all and end up givin flour mixed with water, some of these babies die because of this. If these new warnings helped even one baby to not die unnessesarily then it is a good thing!I’m sorry for spelling mistakes/grammer I’m on my phone .

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