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Choosing the right DANCE studio on the Central Coast?

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These days there is a dance school on every corner, seemingly offering the best dance tuition for your child. But do they?
Dance is the one children’s activity that isn’t yet governed by a National body and this means that anyone with minimal or no dance experience/qualification can open up a dance school and the Central Coast is no exception to this. How do you know what to look for when your child asks the question – ‘Can I do dancing?
You may see photos all over social media of super flexible children who pose with their leg above their head in midriff tops or videos of them dancing to their favourite pop music. This is where it can be hard not to follow what the perceived trend of dance is – But is this all that dance can teach your child?
Dance is more then this! It can be a life long career for the talented and dedicated but it can also be a way to develop attributes that will serve your child well throughout their lives. What are these attributes you may ask?
The true art of dance is to inspire, educate and allow children to become artists. If you spend time looking for a studio that values this along with providing your child with correct technique, then your child will not only thank you for it but they will develop into a confident young person who has learned more then just the physical side of dance.
So how do you chose the right studio for your child?

  • Is the Director or Principal Teacher qualified and registered with a National/International Dance Syllabus or Vocational Training Facility?
  • Are all the teachers experience and or qualified to teach young children safely? Do they all have their Working With Children Check?
  • How long has the studio been running for? What achievements have previous students attained?
  • Does the studio have age appropriate teaching methods? Do they teach young bodies more advanced levels for the sake of trend as opposed to what is the safest way for each body to develop.
  • What is the quality of their end of year show?

There are many good studios out there and it only takes a few questions to determine whether they are right for your child or not – ask around and make sure that you place importance on your child’s development whether it is for a once a week activity or a week full of dance.

Melanie Campbell

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