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“As the twig is bent so the tree grows” – Cranial Osteopathy

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  The baby and infant is particularly vulnerable to a strain of the cranium.  A persistent strain has the potential to cause nervous system interference and development problems.  Cranial Osteopathic treatment can remove strains in these babies and children (i.e. “bent twigs”) The cranium is

Breast is Best

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There are lots of names for breasts: Boobs, melons, hooters, fun bags, jugs, to name just a few. But “milkies” is what my daughter chose to call breasts. After all, they were there to produce milk for her, and not just any old milk, the perfect milk. The perfect milk for the perfect li

The New Childhood Epidemics

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In today’s developed, and industrialized cultures epidemics such malnutrition and common childhood infectious illnesses are almost a thing of the past, thanks to technology, hygiene and improved nutrition. Unfortunately this same technology and industrialization is also contributing to a new rang

Birth Trauma

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Birth trauma can affect any woman who has given birth. Although it is experienced by many women, most women do not talk about it and many may not even know they have it. This silence does nothing to help women move past their trauma; it is my hope that this article will help you along the path to

Fever Management – A Dying Art

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Unfortunately when the subject of fevers comes up for parents a great deal of fear is also aroused unnecessarily. This fear is based upon a lack of understanding of what a fever is for and how it works. Whenever I explain to someone what a fever is and why it does what it does their fear of it disa