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Lets Celebrate August for it’s World Breastfeeding Month!

Posted by Maree Trent

The month of August is World Breastfeeding month & what a fantastic way to celebrate one of the most wonderful things created. Right now while I sit here writing this blog, my 11month old DS is breastfeeding and it just feels amazing! Breastfeeding is the only time my DS sits still for longer t

Model Birthing Unit for Wyong

Posted by Johanna Baker-Dowdell

Title: Model Birthing Unit for Wyong Wyong Hospital’s maternity unit has seen ups and downs in its 13-year history, but is now back on the rise again as the Central Coast’s low-risk birthing centre. As the venue for almost 10 per cent of births for the Central Coast, Wyong’s birthing unit has

From beer to maternity

Posted by Lisa Kim

A new concept in prenatal classes has men on the Central Coast heading to the pub in the name of childbirth. Dads are usually overlooked when it comes to childbirth preparation. Yet when it comes to the big day, they need to know how to support their partner through what can be the most physically c

Vaginal Breech Birth on the Central Coast

Posted by Selena Maoney

SELENA’S VAGINAL BREECH BIRTH STORY I’ve been in awe of everything to do with pregnancy and childbirth since I was a little girl- I just couldn’t wait to experience it for myself… and I think my excitement about it (as opposed to fear), my respect for natural processes and trust in the human

Statistics-truth or dare Dr Pesce?

Posted by Michelle Meares

Home birth families around the country have been fascinated to read the new study published in the Australian Medical Journal this week which in fact supports their belief that homebirth is safe for mothers and babies. The new study assessed the outcomes of almost 300,000 births in South Australia f

VBAC on the Central Coast

Posted by Amber Everitt

I decided for the birth of my second child that I really wanted the chance to have a vaginal birth after having to have an elective Caesarian for my first child; this was due to a low lying placenta (placenta previa). I knew then my wish to have a vaginal birth became extremely limited and prepared

Central Coast Birth Choices

Posted by Coast Kids

There are many options for child birth on the Central Coast, below is a brief description of each of them. Independent Private Midwifery Care The concept of having your own midwife is to provide a woman with total continuity of care. The midwife does all of your pregnancy visits, is ‘on call&#

How to aim for a natural pregnancy and birth

Posted by Valyrie Painter

In an ideal world women would prepare their bodies for pregnancy. We don’t live in an ideal world but once women are aware that they are pregnant it is important to take control. Birth Choices- How to choose the right pregnancy service for you! If you are healthy with no underlying medical problem

Epidurals- Risks and concerns for mothers and babies

Posted by Sarah Buckley

Epidurals have become a very common intervention in labor, and are almost accepted as a normal part of labor care. However many women, and even their carers, are unaware of the significant risks and side-effects for mothers and babies, and of the possible impact of this form of pain relief on breas

Central Coast Maternity Services Statistics

Posted by Coast Kids

Normal Vaginal Birth North Gosford Private    42.4% Gosford Hospital    56.9% Wyong Hospital     93.4% John Hunter            66.2% Caesarean Rate North Gosford Private    43.6% Gosford Hospital    32.10% Wyong Hospital    2.3% John Hunter Hospital    22.7% Induction Rate North G