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Lets Celebrate August for it’s World Breastfeeding Month!

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The month of August is World Breastfeeding month & what a fantastic way to celebrate one of the most wonderful things created. Right now while I sit here writing this blog, my 11month old DS is breastfeeding and it just feels amazing! Breastfeeding is the only time my DS sits still for longer t

Play and Learn: How Regular Playtime Aids a Child’s Learning

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Play and Learn: How Regular Playtime Aids a Child’s Learning Though playtime may only seem to be a fun break from real learning, recent studies show that some of the most valuable life skills are learned while children are enjoying fun activities. Incorporating regular social and solitary play int

How to aim for a natural pregnancy and birth

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In an ideal world women would prepare their bodies for pregnancy. We don’t live in an ideal world but once women are aware that they are pregnant it is important to take control. Birth Choices- How to choose the right pregnancy service for you! If you are healthy with no underlying medical problem

Circumcision: The Endless Debate

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Male circumcision is a touchy subject. People argue passionately for and against circumcising male babies, presenting evidence to back their arguments up. Not surprisingly, it’s an issue that confuses many new parents. And the debate has flared up again with the inquest into a UK baby’s death fr