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Lets Celebrate August for it’s World Breastfeeding Month!

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The month of August is World Breastfeeding month & what a fantastic way to celebrate one of the most wonderful things created. Right now while I sit here writing this blog, my 11month old DS is breastfeeding and it just feels amazing! Breastfeeding is the only time my DS sits still for longer t

Play and Learn: How Regular Playtime Aids a Child’s Learning

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Play and Learn: How Regular Playtime Aids a Child’s Learning Though playtime may only seem to be a fun break from real learning, recent studies show that some of the most valuable life skills are learned while children are enjoying fun activities. Incorporating regular social and solitary play int

Model Birthing Unit for Wyong

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Title: Model Birthing Unit for Wyong Wyong Hospital’s maternity unit has seen ups and downs in its 13-year history, but is now back on the rise again as the Central Coast’s low-risk birthing centre. As the venue for almost 10 per cent of births for the Central Coast, Wyong’s birthing unit has

Central Coast Birth Choices

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There are many options for child birth on the Central Coast, below is a brief description of each of them. Independent Private Midwifery Care The concept of having your own midwife is to provide a woman with total continuity of care. The midwife does all of your pregnancy visits, is ‘on call&#

Breastfeeding: Not as Natural as it First Seems

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As I write this blog I am wondering how much longer I will be breastfeeding my baby. Ethan is almost eight months old and I think I’ve done well to get this far. I’m not sure either of us is ready to stop yet. Sadly, though, the decision may have been made for us. I have had laryngitis f

Central Coast Kids Day Out

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Kids Day Out is the highlight of the NSW Central Coast’s family calendar. The 2009 event promises to be bigger and better than ever. 2GO KDO is here! A $2 Gold Coin Donation by each adult helps to keep this event sustainable, please make your donation in the buckets at the ent