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Brighter Futures Program- Central Coast

Central Coast,
2250, NSW

About Brighter Futures Program- Central Coast

The Brighter Futures program is for families who have children aged eight years or younger, or who are expecting a baby.

You may be able to join the program if your family is facing domestic violence, mental health or drug and alcohol problems, or is finding parenting tough.

Each family is supported by a Brighter Futures worker who will help you to find services and support that are right for your family, including:

Home visiting
A Brighter Futures worker can meet with you in your own home to talk about problems that every parent faces when raising young children.

Parenting programs
You can meet with other parents and learn ways to help manage your children's behaviour.

Quality children's services
Your children can be cared for by qualified staff while they play and learn with other children at child care or playgroups.

The Brighter Futures program provides you with support and services that will help you give your children a good start in life.

This can stop family problems from getting worse.

There are two ways you can become involved in the program. With your agreement a community agency can refer you. Or a Brighter Futures worker may contact you after a report has been received at the DoCS Helpline that suggests the program could help your family.

You do not have to take part, you choose to join the Brighter Futures program. Families also decide how long they will be in the program and can leave at any time.

We will talk about what you want to achieve for your family and how we can help you. You are the expert when it comes to your family. If you think it would be helpful, we can talk with other services, other members of your family or people you know, but only with your agreement.

Your privacy will be protected once in the program and you will be involved in all decisions. Together we will make a plan and link your family to the services and support you need. We will visit you to talk about how the program is working. If anything changes, we can arrange other types of support.

"At first I was worried about being part of a DoCS program. After the Brighter Futures worker visited me at home to talk about the program I understood how it could help my family. The Brighter Futures worker helped me to
get the services I needed for my son. With regular support he is able to talk more
confidently and enjoys going to school. I have joined a parents group and together we are learning how to better support and care for our kids. I have lots more confidence and hope for the future."


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